肥前吉田焼 水玉 急須 青色

肥前吉田焼 水玉 急須なら、愛着を持ってずっと使いたいモノを集めたセレクトショップ、ZUTTO「ズット」。愛着をもって長く使ってもらえるモノはギフトにも最適です。

金継ぎ (kintsugi) or 金繕い (kintsukuroi) is a Japanese craft art of repairing broken ceramics and pottery. It uses urushi lacquer and gold powder.

Keuchi project is almost done now.I drew karakusa pattern on the polished size-3 gold surface and sprinkled size-1 gold last month. Last weekend, I painted the raw urushi lacquer and wiped it off. Raw urushi helps gold to adhere on the surface. I am going to polish the size-1 gold in the next class. When I started learning keuchi, I thought that was a huge mistake. What I wanted to practice was kintsugi, not makie. Keuchi is not for me. Oddly enough, I am about to start another keuchi…

磁器呉須湯呑みの画像:小石原さんの金継ぎ 繕いのうつわ

小石原さんの金継ぎ 繕いのうつわの画像|エキサイトブログ (blog)



Beautiful brokenness kintsugi for a Kutani porcelain sake cup

kintsugi-repair: Kutani kintsugi is over now! It’s not my best work, but it looks fine. I learned a lot about polishing size-3 gold now, though I did the gold application twice. 久谷の金継ぎが終了!もちろん二度蒔きですよー(泣)3号の金の研ぎ方もわかった気がするし、次からもうちょっとキレイにできる気がするよ。気のせいじゃないよ!w

kintsugi-repaired cup with makie pattern

kintsugi-repaired cup with makie pattern

唐草模様 金蒔絵 金継ぎ