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If you are interested in homemade soap recipes you are one of countless men and women from the world over who are equally excited about churning out homemade

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hanger swirl -simplicity is gorgeous!

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The Peacock or Bouquet Swirl

I first saw the peacock or bouquet swirl as a paper design at Paper Mojo and decided to try making a soap in this design. See original post here. The Peacock (also called Bouquet) swirl was created.

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Such beautiful swirls

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Beguile Soaps - Gorgeous No recipe

in the mold swirl 04

Swirled soap I love this color combo.

peacock 01

The Peacock Swirl Soap Design

The Peacock Swirl Soap Design - Lovin Soap Studio

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Handmade Cold Process Soap by Titania's Dreamy Delights

Hanger swirl 03

Tiger Stripe "Hanger" Swirl Tutorial

Intermediate Archives - Page 10 of 14 - Soap Queen

in the mold swirl 02

Billie and Wayne does Round CP Soap - Soap Making Forum

in the pot swirl 04

Peppermint Passion, 'in-the-pot' swirl, done and ready for pouring into the mold

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In-the-Pot Swirling (Cold Process

Advanced Swirling Part In The Pot Swirling Guest post by Kat from Otion (Bramble Berry’s retail store) Welcome back! This is part four of Kat’s advanced swirling tutorials.

column Swirl 01

The Column Swirl Phenomenon

Column Swirl CP Soap making

column swirl 04

Column swirl in individual bars: clever idea!

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In-the-Pot Swirling (Cold Process

in the pot swirl 02