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If you are interested in homemade soap recipes you are one of countless men and women from the world over who are equally excited about churning out homemade

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The Peacock or Bouquet Swirl

I first saw the peacock or bouquet swirl as a paper design at Paper Mojo and decided to try making a soap in this design. See original post here. The Peacock (also called Bouquet) swirl was created around the end of the

peacock 01

The Peacock Swirl Soap Design

I saw this paper on Paper Mojo and thought it would make a wonderful swirl in soap! You'll need a slow tracing/moving recipe. Something high in olive oil, low in castor and low in hard oils/butters

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Beatiful scents and shapes of soap. One of my indulgences is fun soaps. They HAVE to smell good, but it's great if they look cool too.

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Tiger Stripe "Hanger" Swirl Tutorial