Teacher's nightmare

Teacher's nightmare

spiritofally: “Back in middle school, my friends and I used a very simple coded language for writing secret messages. I saw some posts about needing to hide one’s beliefs from partners/bosses/parents.

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Adjustable wooden shoe rack Made to order 10 Shelf and 22 slat adjustable shoe rack made from heavy duty plywood and spruce. Height / width / shelf depth / total depth Shoe rack delivered with a plain wood finish and not pre

How to get the most from folding metal horses—and other breeds

Maximize Your Sawhorses

Cut a deeper and taller set out of a sheet of plywood to use when spraying cabinet doors. i would go one step further and hve these on piano hinges to the saw horse, with an eye hook/bolt to hold them upright and have them be able to drop down.

Getting the Angle Right with a Power Drill!

Getting the Angle Right With a Power Drill!

Drill presses are great. If you don't, have no fear! This instructable is for you! Even if you have a drill press, what if.

Minimalist bookshelves.

Idea about Home Office - Minimalist bookshelves. It would be awesome for a magazine rack in the bathroom or a spare bedroom bookshelf. by: Francine Gervais on: Déco intérieur





Sandwich-bag parts organizer Small parts storage Cut slots in a piece of plywood with a jigsaw. Fill resealable bags with small parts, hardware or craft items and hang them from the slotted plywood.

材料・工具収納棚 More

Workshop Organization Tips. 5 one day projects to improve your shop. Workbench with lumber storage space. This simple workbench doubles as a storage rack for those long pieces of lumber and plywood that tend to clutter your workshop.




これ賢い♡マネしたくなる「ドライヤー」の収納法 - LOCARI(ロカリ)

これ賢い♡マネしたくなる「ドライヤー」の収納法 - LOCARI(ロカリ)

A DIY Air Filter That Anyone Can Build

A DIY Air Filter For Your Shop That Anyone Can Build