light and bright

This white label makes the bottle to look sophisticated and it is also a very clean design.


【画像】満島ひかり 「カロリーメイト」の新CMで米米CLUBの名曲「浪漫飛行」を熱唱! 2/2

(1/2) - Kishibori Shoyu, Pure Artisan Shoyu. #japanese #package #design

“ Kishibori Shoyu is made from good quality whole soybeans, wheat and sea salt. At Takesan Company steamed soybeans, toasted wheat, salt and mineral water.

梅干し 奈良県産|中川政七商店 暮らしの道具|中川政七商店公式通販

梅干し 奈良県産

梅干し 奈良県産|中川政七商店 暮らしの道具|中川政七商店公式通販