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60 ejemplos de packaging original: ¡lo que importa también está en el exterior!

Rice packaging makes rice cooking easier. Bag has a line that shows the required level of water for the amount of rice to be cooked.

Ingenious Rice Packaging

Ingenious Rice Packaging / The Rice Pack Makes Cooking Rice Extraordinarily Simple / Fill, wash, and drain in one place.

Fire by George Bokhua

Logo Inspiration

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TDA Boulder uses minimalism to its advantage when creating Patagonia Provisions' line of smoked salmon products. A vividly realistic image of salmon, in its full form, floats atop a sea of white.

Panino Organic Rice on Packaging of the World - Creative Package Design Gallery

Panino Organic Rice

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Speck on Behance

SPECK expresses the value and presence of a sesame seed within Japanese cuisine– it is small but distinct to the eye. The translucency of the rice paper used allows .