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Cool page idea! The way the text looks on the platter is different that just copying and pasting text alongside a picture. The art and the text is one which I think it really unique.

Planting Seeds

Planting Seeds-I have no idea what this site says. But the stick teepees for vines are cool.

Walk the line

Designspiration is the hub for discovering great art, design, architecture, photography, typography and web inspiration.

Cherry Blossoms

The Gurafiku archive of Japanese graphic design is a collection of visual research surveying the history of graphic design in Japan.

Sゝゝ [エス]のロゴ:洋の素材で和をつくる | ロゴストック


Sゝゝ [エス]のロゴ:洋の素材で和をつくる | ロゴストック

The New Graphic —

Shanghai-based designer Tang Shipeng studied as a scientist in Beijing and brings a precise eye to his typography and layout.