A Young Japanese Samurai On His Way to War (or "How the Merchant's Son Played 'Dress Up' in the Photographer's Studio") by Okinawa Soba

Silk Factory Girls drawing thread from Cocoons in old Japan by Okinawa Soba, ca Poor girls worked long hours at low pay in factories.

taishou-kun: Young japanese girl in kimono, maybe for Shichi-go-san - Koufu 甲府, Yamanashi prefecture 山梨県, Japan -

Geisha (芸者 "person of the arts") are traditional Japanese artist-entertainers. Geisha were very common in the and centuries, a.

Emperor of Japan in 1962

Crown Prince Akihito and his wife, Crown Princess Michiko in He acceded to the Chrysanthemum Throne in becoming the current Emperor of Japan.


A woman dressed in a kimono and facing a mirror has her hair done by a hairdresser. On the floor are tools for hairdressing, especially combs. Many different kinds of combs were used in Japanese hairdressing.