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A Traditional Japanese Tea Ceremony in Uji, Japan

Lacquer tray for tea ceremony by Jihei MURASE, Japan 村瀬治兵衛

Lacquer tray and tea caddy for tea ceremony by Jihei MURASE, Japan 村瀬治兵衛

Japanese tea ceremony

The tea ceremony is a form of Japanese cultural expression that unites the spiritual discipline, traditionalist art and brings people through socialization and sharing.

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茶道 Tea ceremony set

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The Japanese tea ceremony (茶道, chadō or sadō, "the way of tea") is a traditional ritual influenced by Zen Buddhism in which powdered green .

Japanese Tea Ceremony: Everything You Need to Know About Preparing Macha the Japanese Way

Chanoyu, Sado or Ocha in Japanese refers to the Japanese tea ceremony where green tea known as Matcha is served.