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The Light box a restroom for women by Rohan Chavan

These public toilets by architect Rohan Chavan are built around an old tree in the Indian city Thane, and include a hot-pink sitting area where women can socialise

daigo ishii + future-scape architects orient sliced house of toilet

designed by daigo ishii + future-scape architects, the angular 'house of toilet' is located in a courtyard on the small island of ibukijima in japan.

Kubo Tsushima Architects develops an alternative to Japan's "dismal" public toilets

Kubo Tsushima Architects gave a curved form to this public toilet in Nakanojo, to avoid creating spaces for dust to collect or spiders to lurk

Todd Saunders - Architect - Norway - Public restroom

Canadian-born, Norway-based architect Todd Saunders designed this structure. It’s a rest stop toilet. On the side of the road. Overlooking a fjord.