Wisteria pathway at Toba, Kyoto, Japan 鳥羽 京都

Wisteria pathway at Toba, Kyoto, Japan. Ohhh, we used to have a pathway topped with Wisteria.


Living Still Life (Washitsu - 和室 - Japanese room) (Meigetsu-in - 明月院) in Kamakura, Kanagawa, Japan Tea in Japan is a must for me!

金継ぎ/金繕い kintsuki/kintsukuroi

11 Beautiful Japanese Words That Don't Exist In English

Kintsugi or Kintsukuroi is the Japanese way of honoring and repairing broken ceramic objects with a special lacquer mixed with silver, go.

【日本クオリティ】素晴らしすぎる江戸時代の甲冑「天狗当世具足」職人こだわりの造形に『和製』の源流を見た もっと見る


Armor with the features of a tengu (tengu tōsei gusoku) Late Edo period,

victoriousvocabulary: “ DEBELLATE [verb] to subdue; to conquer in war. Etymology: Latin debellatus, past participle of debellare (to subdue) de- + bellum (war). [Pete Mohrbacher - Gadreel, Angel of...

victoriousvocabulary: DEBELLATE [verb] to

creaturesfromdreams: Gadreel, Angel of War by PeteMohrbacher View Original Source Here

52体の空飛ぶ菩薩たち「国宝: 雲中供養菩薩像」 デジタル菩薩も もっと見る

52体の空飛ぶ菩薩たち「国宝: 雲中供養菩薩像」 デジタル菩薩も