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ArtStation - Dishonored : Death of the Outsider // Karnaca Public Works, Geoffrey Rosin

Buildings Models and Textures made for the ghost town level. The challenge here was to adapt my photoshop workflow to Substance Designer and to get something that do not betray the art direction.

ryuko: ♔ Aside from the fact she has no clothes, these are good poses

artist name ass belt black hair blue eyes boots breasts butt crack character sheet cleavage fingerless gloves from behind gloves high heel boots high heels holster katana kill la kill kiryuuin satsuki kneeling long hair nudist beach unifo

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Sprites of various Undertale AUs Source Notes:There was a contest on my deviantart page started about a few days ago, in which people would request me to make sprite edits of different Undertale AUs, and whats that at the bottom, yep its.