❄️This was not such a good idea. Cat instantly regrets going out in the snow. At least it makes for a pretty picture!



Again, no idea what the caption to this is. but this is adorable how the same looking cats are looking down on their kiddies.

El gato que quizo alcanzar la luna.

I can see him now, sitting on the hill, reaching for the stars.


Winter Cats in Japan - Looks like Switzerland haha. I went to an inn there during winter and there were cats everywhere!

Looks like he's done this many times.....Lol

This should have a pic of my cat Gary! He loves to try to eat people food even though he never gets it

猫さん何やってるの!?                                                                                                                                                      もっと見る



and bless mummy and daddy . and please send me a little brother .