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「ファンダメンタルズ フェス(2021-2023)」開催のご案内 |ファンダメンタルズ
「ファンダメンタルズ フェス(2021-2023)」開催のご案内 |ファンダメンタルズ
an image of a blue object in the dark night sky with clouds and bright light
a close up view of the inside of a pot with steam coming out of it
界 別府 地獄の夏祭り|Jigoku-Hell Summer Night Fair
an image of a web page with many different pictures on the front and back side
動画+で見る、ファンダメンタルズ フェスmini 2022+1 (メタバース) |ファンダメンタルズ
an image of two people standing in front of each other with words written below them
忘れた点と記憶の線 | Alinazhdanova
a person walking down a long hallway in black and white with the words, no limits direct forum
30th Lattice Defect Forum 第30回格子欠陥フォーラム
a potted plant sitting on top of a wooden table next to a wall covered in vines
芸術と科学リエゾンユニットKYOTO on Twitter
"evolving matter" with AWAYA and Tomoya Matsuura in Bowako Biennale 2020
Reactivity of the anion acceptor in electrolyte
Reactivity of the anion acceptor in electrolyte: An important factor in achieving high electrochemical performance of a lead (II) fluoride electrode in a fluoride shuttle battery
Reactivity of the anion acceptor in electrolyte
an abstract painting with many balls and shapes in pastel colors on a white background
京都大学芸術と科学リエゾンライトユニット - worknig 190909
by Yasuo Nomura, Developments of Fluoride Shuttle Battery using Organic Electrolyte 有機電解液を用いたフッ化物イオンシャトル二次電池の開発
a computer monitor sitting on top of a wooden desk next to a camera and tripod
表面や界面の不思議な世界 | 京都大学アカデミックデイ2018 | アカデミックデイ | K.U.RESEARCH 京都大学研究情報ポータル
Energy conversion at the surface and interface 表面界面でのエネルギー変換
the structure of an active material is shown in three separate diagrams, each with different materials
ChemistrySelect: Vol 5, No 21
Improvements of Electron Conduction by Adhesion of Carbon Material
an image of a leaf with the words mini in japanese and english characters below it
【オンサイト開催フェス】「ファンダメンタルズ フェスmini 2022」ご案内(一部一般公開) |ファンダメンタルズ
a painting with people walking across a bridge
第10回 JSAPフォト&イラスト コンテスト 受賞作品紹介 |
"Do not across this bridge" Science As Art from Japan Society Applied Physics
two people reaching for something on the ground
by Shota Ishida, Clarification of Physical Properties and Reaction Mechanism on the Surface of Titanium Dioxide by Scanning Probe Microscopy 走査プローブ顕微鏡による二酸化チタン表面の欠陥の物性解明
an image of a structure that looks like it is made up of many different structures
Sounds from Atoms
"Sounds from Atoms" The sounds from atoms in materials.