Hmmmmm~ Dresses based on butterflies i saw at butterfly world.Was gonna make fake pokemon BUT NO. I would wear all of these forever.<<< I thought these were Capitol dresses at first

【目・スカートの描き方】絵上手いやつちょっと来て下さい|萌えイラスト上達法! お絵かき初心者の学習部屋

【目・スカートの描き方】絵上手いやつちょっと来て下さい|萌えイラスト上達法! お絵かき初心者の学習部屋

Love in Arabic

Discover thousands of images about "Love" written in Arabic. It's a beautiful symbol; I'd want to look into the cultural views on tattooing though (just to be informed).

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A custom outfit commission &nbsp;azulann Thank you for commissioning me&nbsp;Interested in getting your own custom weapon? Some other of my adopts.