Koleston natural hair ad

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Pepsi Won Halloween with this Clever Ad

Pepsi once did a funny Halloween ad. In the picture, a Pepsi can dresses up as a Coke can to scare people. The headline was, “We wish you a scary Halloween!” That’s not a bad idea, but Coke got the last word. In a classic.

バナナって皮むきから はじまってる

ADVERTISING by Michel Lavoie, via Behance -Great idea for teeth whitening campain via Paris


This is a very funny and unique ad for Duracell. It depicts Darth Vader trying to put in batteries into his light saber in order for it to work. This is very cool and works well for this picture.

飲みたくなった 負けた

eCoca Cola - An environmental friendly Coke Poster - Flower - Because this product is supported by Greenpeace and WWF


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Dumb Ways to Die by McCann Melbourne (ad agency) - a PSA for Metro Trains in Australia that uses dark humor with adorable characters and song.