Lampedusa Island


Whatever Floats Your Boat This picture is taken on One House Bay in Greece. The water is so clear that the boat seems to be floating in the air.


The 100 Most Astonishing Images of 2012

Here are some of the most beautiful cities of the world as seen from a birds eye view. Here are some of the most beautiful cities of the world as seen from a birds eye view. Hong Kong E

bright stars

Hubble telescope sees new spiral Galaxy. NGC 3344 is a glorious spiral galaxy around half the size of the Milky Way, which lies 25 million light-years distant. We are fortunate enough to see NGC 3344 face-on, allowing us to study its structure in detail.


宮崎映画にでてきそう スロベニアの氷河湖に浮かぶ孤島「ブレッド島

Great Blue Yonder

Blue Ridge Parkway Sunset Landscape by Dave Allen Photographer - Great Blue Yonder Blue Ridge Parkway landscape photography from the Cowee Mountains Overlook in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Western North Carolina. The Southern Appalachian Mountains offer


魔方陣?! 世界最大の溶岩湖に1メートルまで近づいた写真

The Nyiragongo Crater in the Democratic Republic of Congo is the world's largest lava lake, one of the wonders of the African continent. The crater bubbles feet deep. (Taken by Olivier Grunewald)


Starry Arch Photograph by Chloe Rae, Your Shot The Milky Way curves through the night sky over Figueroa Mountain, California, in a pictu.

melting land

sixpenceee: “Elephant’s Foot Glacier in Greenland. The shape of Greenland’s Elephant Foot Glacier is so distinct that it stands out dramatically from its surroundings when viewed from space.


Tron's World Exists On Earth - HK photograph by CoolbieRe


Scorpio sun Capricorn moon Libra rising Hufflepuff INFJ ~Lady In Spain by Ingrid Michaelson~


As the harsh winter washes over us, it's amazing images like this that remind us to go outside and enjoy the majesty of snow and ice. Actually, let someone else go outside and take photos. It's cold.

Hubble Sees Cosmic Riches

Image Credit: ESA/Hubble & NASA Messier 69 (also known as NGC is a globular cluster of roughly 85 light-years across, with an estimated mass of solar masses and an age of bi…

Seagull Nebula

Part of a stellar nursery nicknamed the Seagull Nebula. This cloud of gas, known as Sh RCW 2 and Gum seems to form the head of the seagull and glows brightly due to the energetic radiation from a very hot young star lurking at its heart.


未来を創るニッポンの現場「栃木 那須」編 Part4 地域活性法や生き方を“発明”する。