Takayasu Nagai

Takayasu Nagai

Takayasu Nagai
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I must have these!!!! こういうの売ってるんや

cat stopper - Oh boy!


Smile for the camera! Say cheese!

白いおしり                                                                                                                                                                                 もっと見る

" Give me a boost, Pijon." " Hold on Dobie. I need to stretch. You know stretching is the most important part of your workout." " You're dead to me, Pijon.


Look at my butt chickens!

Tummy rub, when you're ready #cats #catlovers

Two of a kind, synchronized sleeping kitties

Seven kittens at dinner. #cuteoverload

Kitty feeding time :) This reminds me of dinner time for my seven cats.


Doggy smiles and much more. Animals smile too. 39 Animal photos that will make you smile.


I`m just hanging aroud in Pintown.

今だにおいらたちにとんでもない熱波を浴びせ続ける太陽に . . .   ひとこと言ってもいいかな。    ♪くたばっちまえ〜   アー...

Laughing Cat Photo: Stop it! I'm laughing so hard I can't stand up!


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