temporary design: Urban Coffee Farm and Brew Bar by Hassell

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melbourne cafes photo blog: The Vertue of the Coffee Drink

The Vertue of the Coffee Drink 8 Raffa Place Carlton Melbourne 3053 There is nothing like that first visit to a really 'Wow' venue.

Sydney is full of places boasting to-die-for sticky buns and pies. I tested them out, and came up with five Sydney bakeries you don't want to / can't miss.:

Infinity Sourdough Bakery, Darlinghurst, Sydney set up pastry case and write on the glass

Candy theme - tiles and stripes, tying with overhead bubbles, sorting into containers. Build a table.

A very unique combination of colors and patterns for a candy store. Sugar Sin, a Swedish candy store in London.


Station Look at this bakery window display. Why would a bakery have so many different kinds of bread? Jot down your ideas in your notebook. Be ready to share!