cup noodle

Cup Noodle ( カップヌードル Kappu Nūdoru ) is a brand of instant ramen noodle snack manufactured by Nissin, packaged in a foam food container, hard plastic or paper cup. Other brand names are used in specific countries, such as the singular Cup Noodle in Japan,

Tadanori Yokoo 横尾 忠則

The Incredible Posters of Tadanori Yokoo

Tadanori Yokoo Japanese Culture the Fifty Postwar Years, Offset Great little selection of Japanese posters (hi-res) from the DNP Archives of Graphic Design. This one’s by Tadanori.

Retro Posters.Tadanori Yokoo. Pop-Art.1965-1969

Tadanori Yokoo (横尾忠則, Yokoo Tadanori) born 1936 in Hyogo, is a Japanese graphic designer, illustrator, printmaker and painter.

The Incredible Posters of Tadanori Yokoo art / psychedelic / print / illustration / graphic design / japan

The Incredible Posters of Tadanori Yokoo

Takahashi Macoto / Hana 6, 1965

「花」高橋真琴 表紙。Manga magazine "Hana" 1965 cover illustration by Macoto Takahashi.

Japanese Manga Art - artelino

Tom Kristensen: Kaiju Manga - Astro Boy with Sputnik - Artelino