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Walt Disney.  Without him, my life would not be what it is today.  He made my childhood, and he's made my adulthood.  I'll always admire and thank him.

Dear Walt Disney, thank you for making dreams come true. For making us believe in magic. Make children and adults of all ages happy and loving! Walt, you are sincerely a good, true person who loves to make people happy.

Walt and a couple of It's a Small World residents, 1966.

Walt Disney “meets” some residents of the "It’s a Small World’ attraction at Disneyland (May, I believe this was one of the first times in North America that we embraced multiculturalism and began to influence our children.

Disney Photos, Archives, Disney Land

Did you know that the Tiki Room recently celebrated its anniversary? A lot has changed since Walt Disney’s Enchanted Tiki Room premiered in but the characters, story, and spirit of the show have all remained the same.

An original script and storyboard for Steamboat Willie, 1928

An original script and storyboard for Steamboat Willie, This original page from the script of Steamboat Willie, the first Mickey Mouse short, was found in Walt Disney’s files several years after he died.

Disney’s Buzz Lightyear really did go to infinity and beyond. See his space mission photos here.

The museum gets the space-flown Buzz Lightyear doll today! And soon will get its ride to space: space shuttle Discovery

Woody visits the Cape to see Buzz head to Space in the Space Shuttle

Woody visits the Cape to see Buzz head to Space in the Space Shuttle - Photo 1 of 1

Walt Disney working on his dream: Disneyland.

Walt Disney in front of his map of Disneyland theme park often shown in the first year of the TV show Disneyland - Walt used to keep us up to date as to what we could see when the park opened in

Imagineer Marc Davis and Walt Disney discuss the scene with the dunking of the mayor at the town well Photo courtesy of Disneyland

Marc Davis' work as a Disney animator was a valuable education for his work as a Disney imagineer.

"Pirate robot in a new Disneyland attraction called “Pirates of the Caribbean.” 1967

Pirate animatronic in a new Disneyland ride called “Pirates of the Caribbean.

Disney University Traditions class

Disney University Traditions class