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a plant in a glass container with rocks and water
底床を変えました | ZERO-AQUA
暖色系の細かい砂から深山石に変更。 この方が底床掃除がしやすいからです。 同時にヤマサキカズラの全ての根っこが底床に到達したのでカットしました...
an aquarium with plants growing on the rocks and water in it's bottom half
Simon's Aquascape Blog
Favourites: ‘Nebari’ by DendroacuaA beautiful display tank in Dendroacua shop. I really like the tree and sandy beach effect. And note those little blue fish in the back… just lovely!
an aquarium filled with lots of plants and rocks
Blog De Acuario3web |▷ Acuario3web
Acuario3web (@acuario3web) | Twitter
an aquarium filled with plants and fish swimming in it's water, on top of a wooden table
The Art of Kokedama
Betta tank with a wabi ball – ADA style
a living room filled with lots of plants next to a wall mounted fish tank in the corner
Фото наших аквариумов. Советы. Критика.
an aquarium with moss in it and a light hanging from the ceiling over it's head
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