Japanese waves.

japanese waves: I love this style of waves. That mixed with a great ship and anchor and some text intertwined could be an amazing tattoo

祝うキモチ・祝うカタチ とうとう出会ってしまいました! ほんとうに使いたいなって思えるご祝儀袋に。

The beauty design is designed by TESTUYA NAGATA. It is made with wooden molds used to make Japanese sweet [Wagashi] .

Japanese patterned candy 和柄あめ 日本国内で買えるデザイン雑貨とインテリアのまとめ。

ニッポンのペロペロキャンディ。 和柄あめ

Japanese patterned candy 和柄あめ 日本国内で買えるデザイン雑貨とインテリアのまとめ。

'a cloud' [book] by katsumi komagata,

"A Cloud" is a book by Katsumi Komagata. Depth and shadow is created through the use of multiple textured paper stocks that vary in shades of white. The layering of the cut out forms reflect the ever-changing formation and shape of clouds over a day.

Japanese lantern and Japanese lantern plants (alkekengi) : Kamishichiken, Kyoto

Japanese lantern and "Japanese lantern plants" (Physalis alkekengi) : Kamishichiken, Kyoto

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