Toyota 2000 GT

Before the Supra, There was the Toyota Here are 5 Interesting Facts About the Bond-Approved Car

Own a BMW E9 in top condition! Black exterior, with chrome BBS wheels and mirrors. Black bucket seats and wooden steering wheel.

1973 BMW CSi - The BMW New Six CS was a two-door coupé built for BMW by Karmann from 1968 to It was developed from the New Class-based BMW coupé, which was enlarged to hold the BMW engine used in the sedan.



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MAZDA car review 2015 1980's Mazda RX 7, We had a Silver one just like this and…

Awesome Cars cool 1980 Mazda car advert, the bottom one was mine. It was one sweet ride. Man Cave Check more at

1980 Mazda RX-7 ad

1980 Mazda ad, another boyfriend had this one.Dad said stay out of small foreign cars with men. but you know I didnt listen:-)