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Shared work benches can work but it has to have atmosphere, human detail like the lamps . The office :: Amsterdam bedrooms design design office interior design

リサイクルショップ リテイクでは、西宮・芦屋・宝塚・神戸・尼崎・伊丹を中心に高価買取を実施中!引越しや買い替えなどで不要になった、家具、テレビ・冷蔵庫・洗濯機などの家電など高価買取・リサイクル!

Cool idea for a conference table! Would be neat to finish off the look with some stain and glass top so you could make the table a storage or artwork display!

DIY Wood Pallet Garden Potting Station/bar for backyard. w/chalkboard menu/task chart. From wood in garage.

I want my hubby to make me shelves for the wooden garden station (formerly a butcher block table) like this! Pallet Garden Station: Made from old wooden pallets

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A cheap and quick way to separate space in a studio apartment - use pallets and a sheet of wood over the top to create a designated living room area. Also use planks from pallet to create a wooden wall to further create a sense of a separate space.

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vertical garden pallet wall / Revitalizacin Edificio Nios Hroes / Grupo Arsciniest Caution: Be sure that those pallets haven't held poisonous chemicals.

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Outside furniture Living room with recycled pallets made of a double sofa, two individual armchairs customized with glass holder and magazine racks, two tables with antique glaze tile, two cardboard lamps. In Ubik Café Valencia.


maybe for patio.Love how you can have a whole beautiful garden using the space on a wall! Vertical planter wall in your garden or patio is amazing.

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プチリノベ/キャンドルトレンチ/クッション/インダストリアルモダン/壁紙屋本舗…などのインテリア実例 -2016-06-02 20:06:50

swaro109さんの、キャンドル,IKEA,クッション,DIY,ニトリ,パレット,キャンドルナイト,壁紙屋本舗,男前,オリジナルポスター,テーブルセッティング,アメブロやってます♪,団地リノベーション,プチリノベ,パレットDIY,Swaro109 vintage,JKK東京×RoomClip,インダストリアルモダン,キャンドルトレンチ,インダストリアルモダンアーキテクチャ,団地プチリノベーションについての部屋写真

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Modern pallet furniture design and decor ideas for your new home. DIY wooden pallet sofa or couch, beds, coffee tables, chairs and pallet garden designs plans.

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Grey Wood Lazy Chair Pallet Patio Furniture Awesome Outdoor DIY Pallet Patio Furniture Ideas Interior Design, Furniture, Home Accessories, Outdoor homemade pallet patio furniture. cushions for pallet patio furniture.