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an orange car with the hood up and engine in it's center is shown
an old yellow car is shown in this ad for the vw transporter company
STRATO - Domain not available
VW - 1968 - [4969]-1
an advertisement for the yamaha trail 350 motorcycle in japan, with three men on motorcycles
冒険という感動創造トレール250DT1(214/233) -since 1968- - バイクの系譜
a woman sitting on top of a white chair in front of a pink motorcycle with the words vespa written above it
The home of Smallframe Vespas
a blue motor scooter parked next to a can of veloce oil
an advertisement for gounanesime 70 with women on scooter and man sitting on moped
Giovanissime fazion's 70 contest, 1970