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the water is crystal blue and clear with white clouds in the sky, while someone stands on an island
Virgin Island, Bohol, Philippines (@warrencamitan)
three people are walking on the beach in clear water
Pedestrian crossings, definitely more fun in the Philippines!
an island in the middle of blue water with white sand and trees on both sides
I sneaked in to get a better view of this private paradise 😍
an aerial view of a small island in the middle of the ocean with boats floating on it
Beautiful Boslon Island of Surigao del Sur, Philippines .
an aerial view of a blue hole in the middle of some trees with people on it
toddumpa The Enchanted River of Hinatuan - A very deep spring river that no one knows where the water comes from and flows into the Pacific Ocean.
a man wading in the ocean under a palm tree
[Sipalay, Negros Occidental]
the ocean is blue and green with white waves
heasiwas: “Waimānalo, Oʻahu ”
lounge chairs and umbrellas on the edge of an empty swimming pool with clear blue water
One of the Top 3 Maldives Resorts / Hotels (5*) – LUX* South Ari Atoll
a heart shaped island in the middle of the ocean
Beautiful heart-shaped island formation
people are swimming in the blue hole, surrounded by greenery and hanging from ropes
Top 10 Stunning Natural Pools!! | #top10
Top 10 Stunning Natural Pools!!
an aerial view of the blue waters and cliffs
Top 10 Stunning Natural Pools!! | #top10
Top 10 Stunning Natural Pools!!
two boats floating on top of a large body of water next to a beach covered in green plants
Home | Queensland
Clear waters surrounding Fitzroy Island in Tropical North Queensland #exploreTNQ #thisisqueensland
a woman is paddle boarding in the clear blue water near a hut with thatched roof
036 33610
SUP, Tahiti