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two small lizards are standing on white paper
2012年09月: チャーム邑楽店スタッフブログ
Baby Four Spot Day Gecko
a deer is standing in the middle of a road with trees and grass on both sides
Absolutely Beautiful
Absolutely Beautiful
a large group of fish swimming in the ocean
There's something fishy about this dolphin...
Shoal of sardines adopt a cunning disguise as they swim in the formation of a dolphin
black and white photograph of people standing at the base of a waterfall with water cascading over it
Places to Visit Before You Die
in a peaceful mood... Pongua Falls, Vietnam
the trees are blooming in full bloom
cherry blossom
some white and pink flowers on a tree
cherry blossom
three giraffes are standing in front of the setting sun with their necks crossed
three exquisite giraffes and the sun
an abstract painting with green and yellow colors
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green onyx
a group of penguins standing next to each other
Dying of cute
meet my family