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a ferris wheel lit up at night with colorful lights on the top and bottom part
大観覧車 -- Ferris wheel at Palette Town in Odaiba, Tokyo, Japan
an old fashioned camera with a lens attached to the front and back side, on a white background
Sometimes, being blue isn’t so bad. #leica #leicacamera #leicacraft #japancamerahunter #custom #bespoke #filmcamera #35mmfilm #japan #shootfilm #kameracraft (at Musashino, Tokyo)
a pink and white lantern hanging from a tree with flowers on it's branches
a silhouette of loneliness by jyoujo on DeviantArt
a silhouette of loneliness
a clock hanging from the side of a wall with leather straps on it's sides
Ikea + H&M = Brilliant
ikea + h&m
a wooden shelf filled with lots of different types of plates and cups in bins
NOMA Lab: An Architectural Cookbook for the Nordic Cuisine
floating shelves
blue lights in the shape of a vase
Light Sculptures by Makoto Tojiki — Colossal
Light Sculptures by Makoto Tojiki
an orange earbud plugged in to a white cord on a table next to a computer mouse
a k o . s K r a p b o o k *
Dorayaki in-ear headphones
a tall metal tower with wood in it's center and a firewood holder on top
wuehl yanes: wood stove at interieur 2010 kortrijk
i love this
there are many bikes that are in the bike rack and on the sidewalk next to each other
The Architecture Blog
#streetart #innov #bikes #wood
a model of a city with lots of trees
3d diagram of extended families in a village. American Museum of Natural History.
the sun is setting behind an oil pump
Abu Dhabi to add one million bpd to oil capacity
Abu Dhabi