Horyuji Shrine, Japan (法隆寺 光と風) Japan's slowly turning into a country I just have to visit!


A noren is a traditional divided curtain hung across the entrance of a shop or restaurant. During the Edo period, customers would wipe their hands on the curtain as they exited a restaurant, so a dirty noren was the sign of a popular business.

徳島阿波おどり空港「ええとこ」どりショップ / 綿晒手ぬぐい

徳島阿波おどり空港「ええとこ」どりショップ / 綿晒手ぬぐい

西陣織 織物店 Shop of Nishijin-ori textile

西陣織 織物店 Shop of Nishijin-ori textile, Higashiyama, Kyoto, Japan