IKEA shoe drawers to put inside your closet. This holds 27 pairs of shoes. Keep the drawers open if you want the shoes to air out.

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Gardner created a modified two-story space with a stairway-meets-storage-space that leads up to a lounge loft area with a custom bed pod below. The final result is a seamless structure that offers pla(Diy Furniture Bedroom)

Ikea hack - spice racks in the bathroom for my perfumes. Paint in a different colour.

GENIUS - Ikea spice racks in the bathroom for lotions, perfumes, etc.


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こどもと暮らす。/アイロンビーズ/Bathroomのインテリア実例 -2016-02-26 17:44:02

これはお役立ち♫今日から真似したい壁面収納のアイデア18選! - Yahoo! BEAUTY

これはお役立ち♫今日から真似したい壁面収納のアイデア18選! - Yahoo! BEAUTY

ワンルーム(1R)&1Kレイアウト48人のリアル実例!気になる収納やインテリアコーディネート法も♪ …


well that's an idea...

close up play room closet behind, utility room. open it like this to make laundry closet at the back door. Enclose the water heater. use space where w/d are now at right of door as a little built in seat for bags & coat hooks over it.

袋分けファイルのラベル 他 | 【袋わけ家計簿】おすすめの項目の分け方一覧・例

袋分けファイルのラベル 他 | 【袋わけ家計簿】おすすめの項目の分け方一覧・例

建築家:遠藤 浩「南側全て吹抜の家」