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Ryu Okubo / オオクボリュウ

Ryu Okubo / オオクボリュウ

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The comforting warmth of a candle flame and the unique personality of each hand crafted vessel gave rise to the name Xerdawnfi, an anagram of 'wax friend'.Inspired by the history of a candle maker and her son who believed the flames were magical, like s&

豆皿 - Google 搜尋

Ceramic animal bean dishes for dipping sauces, designed by Japanese ceramist Tomoko Shimada of Po-to-bo

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this is a resemblance of how i've had organised my moodboard or what-not,. clean, big pictures and on top of another - i want to do something different. i've been thinking of doing paper art in one of the picture - i wonder if it'll look cheap though