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Coffee Table/book storage/bookholder -- Liesmichl: Liesmichl - Nils Holger Moormann - Love this, want this!

3D-램프 키트 - 완 - 잭맨-5

Flat Pack Lamp with Wood and 3D Printed Parts

Combining wood and printed components, student Rowan Jackman’s Kit lamp is a convenient, flat pack design that merges high tech printing with the traditional aspects of woodworking techniques.

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5osA: [오사] :: *룸 디바이더로 활용되는 선반 Pietro Russo Designs A Floor-To-Ceiling Shelf & Space Divider

Shelving unit, room divider Libreria Romboidale Design by Pietro Russo

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simple and minimalist stand hanger 01 Axis Simple and minimalist Stand Hanger by Ramei Keum