Marc Riboud

Marc Riboud 1958 Tokyo Japan - building Tokyo Tower - the year we first arrived in Japan!

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Tokyo in1958. Photo from Yukichi Watabe's book "A Criminal Investigation".

From the book "A Criminal Investigation" by Watabe Yukichi, Tokyo, 1958



Vintage Japanese photograph. Children watching picture slideshow

Japanese children gathered around picture card man. Undated early black and white photograph.

Title: 1980s Funabashi Story Artist: Kazuo Kitai © 2006 Published by Tosei Co., Ltd

Title: young Japanese boy on a swing inside his house. Funabashi Story: Kazuo Kitai © 2006 Published by Tosei Co.

秋葉原、昭和26年 Akihabara, 1951 Tokyo

taishou-kun: “Akihabara 秋葉原, Tokyo, Japan - 1951 ” ex-Japanese Army soldier crossing the street with livestock