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The primary medium of Californian artist James Turrell is light. According to the artist, Ganzfeld is an art installation that slows viewers to a standstill, practically forcing them to succumb to another way of looking. As he puts it, Ganzfeld is creating experiences that allow viewers to “see themselves see.” “Ganzfeld” is a German word that describes the phenomenon of perceptual deprivation. For more than forty years Turrell accompanied by other artists, and psychologists is experimenting ...
James Turrell. Stone Sky. 2007. Located at Stonescape, Napa Valley. The white box pavilion has a square opening in the ceiling. To access it, one dives into the infinity pool and swims underwater.

James Turrell

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yanobe kenji
ヤノベケンジ 作品 『SHIP’S CAT』/ Kenji Yanobe works “ SHIP’S CAT “ Series . #artlover #comtemporaryart #現代アート #アート作品 #ニャート作品 #artcat #catart #shipscat #kenjiyanobe #ヤノベケンジ #GINZASIX #銀座シックス #Ginza #銀座 #lammfromm #ラムフロム
ヤノベケンジ A4クリアファイル [サン・チャイルド全身)]|ラムフロム - アートグッズ&デザイングッズの通販サイト -


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Olafur Eliasson Visual mediation 2017
Olafur Eliasson
Olafur Eliasson and his studio. Star kaleidoscope, 2009 Studio Olafur Eliasson, 2009 Photo: Jens Ziehe

Olafur Eliasson

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Jean Arp (1887 - 1966) 1939

Jean Arp

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舟越 桂 "森の奥の水のほとり" 2009
舟越桂作品集水のゆくえより・冬の本 #katsurafunakoshi #japan
art-documents: “ Katsura Funakoshi, 2002 ”


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Xavier Veilhan
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''Lady of the Manor'' by Clark Camilleri
Clark Camilleri
Clark Camilleri
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Clark Camilleri
Clark Camilleri
Clark Camilleri
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'La Furia'- Clark Camilleri
Clark Camilleri
Clark Camilleri
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Clark Camilleri - Female Form
Clark Camilleri
Clark Camilleri
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Katusha Bull
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Untitled Document
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WORKS | SASAI Fumie | 笹井史恵
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𓃴 土屋仁応 / Yoshimasa Tsuchiya on X