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My future Shiba Inu puppy as soon as I am financially able to get one.I cant wait to spend time with this bundle of cuteness! I love these pups!

Shiba inu

This is the Dog I want soooo Bad! A Shiba Inu. I want One name Mavrick Second one name Goose


Puppy shiba inu sleeping :) while this makes me sad (why is he sleeping like that?) but despite that, it is freaking cute!

Meet Maru Taro, the most popular dog on Instagram. How cute it is!

Meet Maru Taro, the most popular dog on Instagram

日本の柴犬が一生懸命ヒーターで肉球を暖めようとしてる写真が話題に→海外「可愛すぎる!」|海外まとめネット | 海外の反応まとめブログ

The almost human-like sight of a little puppy stretching his tiny paws out in the direction of the electric fireplace.