From “Geisha Party” series, Kyoto, 1946 by Alfred Eisenstaedt. °

From “Geisha Party” series, Kyoto, 1946 by Alfred Eisenstaedt. ~Via Julie Kirby

taishou-kun:Geisha holding her kimono - 1930s Source : Blue Ruin 1 Flickr

Geisha holding her kimono This is a photograph of a beautiful Geisha standing outside of an Okiya or Geisha House. The decoration on her kimono appears to show a woman travelling in a Kago or Palanquin, carried by bearers.

【画像】 戦前の日本の写真って意外におしゃれでびっくりするよね

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Young Geisha holding a Doll 1910 In this postcard, a Young Geisha from Osaka is cradling a large doll, which is wrapped in the sleeve of her kimono.

Maikos with doll. Under Old Japan's patriarchal system, young girls, the lowest ranking humans, were sold by their families to the "pleasure quarters." Pleasure for the male clients. Misery for the female inhabitants.


shewhoworshipscarlin: “Tayuu and two attendants, Japan. (A Tayuu, at this time, was an expensive prostitute.

芸者 geisha

Maiko Girl Standing Another cut-down fragment of a postcard, showing the same Maiko girl as in the previous posting. I think that her kimono is lovely.


Portrait of a Hangyoku, apprentice geisha, circa. In Tokyo, apprentice geisha is called Hangyoku, whereas in Kyoto they are called Maiko.

【画像あり】戦前の日本の写真って意外におしゃれでびっくりするよね : まとめでぃあ

【画像あり】戦前の日本の写真って意外におしゃれでびっくりするよね : まとめでぃあ

The Syowa Empress Koujun. 1903-2000. (It is not right to actually call "Empress". The right name of Japanese Emperor is "Kougou" or " Kougou-Heika".) Syowa era.

Empress Nagako of Japan, née Princess Kuni (Empress Kōjun) at their enthronement, 1928