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ThinkGeek :: The Infamous Drinking Bird My lonely life as an engineer needs it

1960s Coloring Pages and Pictures – Information About The 1960s

Lassie & Timmy: A dog was never more loyal or devoted! It was must see TV in those days!

Ramune. I love this stuff.

Japanese soda pop this was my favorite thing at festivals growing up. I wanted to collect the marbles that act as bottle stopper.


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Japanese Traditional Meals on  Chabudai Low Dining Table at Tatami Room|ちゃぶ台ご飯

[JP] traditional meals on chabudai (low dining table w short legs) at Tatami Room|ちゃぶ台ご飯. people seated at a chabudai may sit on or rather than chairs(wiki).

Deep Osaka : 関西を見る - mobile, payphone and smokes all in one convenience store ---------- #japan #japanese

Deep Osaka~Mobile, Payphone and Smokes~in one convenience store~Japan