I woke up this morning, Smiled at the rising sun, Three little birds, Sat on my doorstep, Singing sweet songs - - -Bob Marley "Three Little Birds

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Panda Cub Waving HELLO Wallpaper from Animal-Lovers. This little panda seems to be waving hello. This is a sweet picture.

I guess the wolf needed someone to play with.

Doggy fashion requires him to go slowly, if he rushes, it ends this badly 💔

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I'm Mad At You - Folded Arm Frog ---- hilarious jokes funny pictures walmart fails meme humor

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mom- "You`ve got to be kidding me." baby- "Spiders are s-scary!" mom- No matter where you are, there`s always a spider within 5 feet of you. baby- "WHAT?



Incroyable **** Napoléon lolll I told her the Red waistcoat doesn’t go with this suite but she insisted now I have to go hunting and the prey will see me coming!

ツ Fast running RADISH ツ

A daikon radish "runs away" from a dog in a photo posted by Minako Shibata in Tatsuno, Hyogo Prefecture. (Provided by Minako Shibata)

モップ犬(コモンドール)と少年がはしゃぐ写真がまるでファンタジーの世界 - Togetterまとめ

Little Kids and Their Big Dogs is a heartwarming photography project by Andy Seliverstoff that focuses on the unbreakable bond between little children and their supersized dogs. The photographer, spent four months taking thousands of pictures in St Pe

lizard guitar

El lagarto más molón del mundo se pasa el día tocando la hoja-guitarra

By Aditya Permana Yogyakarta, Indonesia Lizard caught playing leaf guitar