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Royksopp Tour Visuals. Monument.

Segment from Röyksopp band tour visuals. Agency 'D-E-F' My role: VJing & LED screens content creation ON…

What I am working towards. The Genium is the first of a whole new generation of microprocessor-controlled, intelligent bionic leg prostheses. It will help redefine quality of life and everyday mobility for amputees.

Seto ware "white-necked" sake bottle with pouring spout, circa 1850-1890, Japan

Seto ware "white-necked" sake bottle with pouring spout circa Edo period or Meiji era Stoneware with iron and rice-straw-ash glazes H: W: D: cm Seto, Aichi prefecture, Japan

"Open Black Box" by Tom Friedman i like this because not only is it precarious in that it is balanced on a corner, but the fact that it is in itself incomplete - the viewer can see the gallery walls, the viewer can see the inside of this 'box' but it's re




Icons are pictograms, the revolutionary shift from old text-based information and how it used to be understood. These simplified pictorial graphics singularly