Watch these videos.these are amazing video.

Hoozuki & Hakutaku cosplay - Character make-up << dunno who that is but this reminds me kinda of Karai's make-up from the 2012 series<<< don't know any of these but cool makeup

Kimono of an Oiran, the very top of the ladder in the Floating World. Different from Geisha, these women's role was sexual pleasure, and their obi were always tied in front. Additionally their hair and furnishing are much more elaborate.

Tamasaburo 玉三郎 - The great kabuki actor Tamasaburo. Read the accompanying article on kabuki theater, its very informative.

Kabuki makeup by ~nicojay on deviantART

This makeup is called "kumadori". apply the white powder to the entire face draw the red line on the face prepares the shape of the red line draw the eyebrows in black color draw a.


Kabuki: Kabuki is one of Japan's traditional stage arts. It's highly-stylized traditional play combined with singing and dancing.

Diferentes diseños de kumadori.

I did Kabuki inspired make-up for a cosplay team I consult with. Very effective for emoting and intimidation. Kumadori is stage makeup worn by kabuki actors, particularly when performing in the bold and bombastic aragoto style.

Kishin Shinoyama, Bando Tumasaburo

National Living Treasure of Japan, BANDO Tamasaburo, Kabuki actor. Male actors played both female and male characters. Image by jumbokedama

Ichikawa Ebizo XI