Lavanya Naidoo paper typography

Lavanya Naidoo's Handcrafted Flora Typography Created Out of Paper



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英國攝影師 Peter Defty 的作品,在城市天際線中尋找 26 個英文字母。  found on

Alphatecture brilliantly executed by Peter Defty. He is a professional photographer based near Leeds, in the UK, and takes these photos all over the world. They remind you to look up once and a while. maybeitsgreat: ALPHATECTURE by Peter Defty, UK

テキストエフェクト徹底攻略!すごいPhotoshopチュートリアル、作り方40個まとめ - PhotoshopVIP


テキストエフェクト徹底攻略!すごいPhotoshopチュートリアル、作り方40個まとめ - PhotoshopVIP