Puree Organics by Studioahamed

Branding Inspiration: Puree Organics by Studioahamed

Puree Organics by Studioahamed - I love the antique-style botanical illustrations and brown paper Inspiration for gift wrapping

identity / baker's / bakery

Baker's Bakery identity is basic, bold, simplistic and uses shape to create a rustic, b&w, versatile logo!

Smallest cafe place in North America, visual identity >>> by Gabriel Lefebvre aka @point.

I love the design of the coffee carrier! Smallest cafe place in North America, visual identity >>> by Gabriel Lefebvre aka

tulipa Beautiful Examples of Creative Packaging Design

Beautiful Examples of Creative Packaging Design

Packaging – Nice flower wrap with a handle. Used by a flower pop-up store in Amsterdam, from the online flower concept 24 Flower.

¡Cómo nos gustan estos trabajos tan inesperados! Como siempre decimos, primero el cliente tiene que permitírtelo, y segundo y más importante; que el diseñador/es sean capaces de salirse de la estética preestablecida en un sector o producto determinado. Si queréis ver más de sus trabajos, solo tenéis que entrar en su web. The Woork Co.pt: Barbiére Beer

Concept: Barbiére Beer

Beer'd Branding Concept: Barbiére Beer Creative and successful target market illustration

cool idea!

DIY {feed bags through printer}- from Handmade Weddings www.good idea for kids.goody bags too

のらくら農園 パッケージ | homesickdesign

The pop of color in the actual product is genius for marketing. Immediately my eye goes straight to the center, then to the different patterns and classy layout on the edges. Solid product box with a high class design

Japanese packaging for rice. They package and present everything so beautifully that the packaging and presentation in itself is work of art.

It's all in the packaging. We love this Japanese rice bag, so beautiful that we're sure every meal would be delish - has to be if it came in that bag, right?

Fantastic #pasta #packaging #Iconika #Likes #Brand #Experience

amazing packaging-love the bold, graphic type--if Barbara Kruger were to design a spaghetti box this might be what you would get


I think the box design is extremely unique on this package. It's a triangle with rounded edges.