Jill De Haan

The Hobbit, Little Women & Watership Down book covers - design by Jill De Haan -- love the idea of these covers, turning an image into a very simplistic geometric pattern that would then be either die cut, foil inlay, or like a letter press imprint.



can fabric be abstracted even more complicated than this style so that the only marks are folding lines/creases?

beer packaging

Japanese Beer - The YO-HO Brewing Company has released a new Japanese beer label called ‘Sorry’ which features a freshly attractive design on its cans.

Non-Format: The Sanahunt Times | Monoscope

The stems are thicker than the crossbars of the letters. The descender and tails of the 'J' and 'S' are done so in a sleek swooping motion to create the elegant 'Jet Setting' fashionable effect that the text and minimalist layout construes.


Kishino Shogo – Kamiwaza Award== The neutral tone background with the black hands reference me back to greek pottery.