Little Luisa jumping. Canon and Canon at ISO Time: (GN 33 flash) at power camera right with quarter CTO gel firing at a shoot-through umbrella feet away. Silver reflector at camera left.

2016 Area Stylist of the year 北海道・東北エリア賞

2016 Area Stylist of the year 北海道・東北エリア賞 black rose ginger hair red cute curly curl curls

Things to do by the age of 40: Change careers at least once. Do something “crazy.” Be glamorous. Chase a dream. Travel. Step out of our comfort zone. Tell someone exactly how you feel.


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カーラデルヴィーニュ [ID:35971937] の画像。見やすい!探しやすい!待受,デコメ,お宝画像も必ず見つかるプリ画像!!

HD Wallpaper and background photos of Caraツ for fans of Cara Delevingne images.

też nie lubi poniedziałków...感情 くっそーーー

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