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100 Ideas That Changed Graphic Design

Just a beautiful ad campaign - Public Service Campaign: Give a Hand to Wild Life by Saatchi Saatchi Simko agency in Geneva, is a series of clever and beautiful photographs of human hands camouflaged as wild animals by bodypainter Guido Daniele.

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In this almost weekly advertisement series I normally publish posts with creative print ads. Since a few months I vary these posts with funny and creative outdoor ads as well. I have published 3 of…

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Best and Worst Movie Posters …

The Best: SKYFALL For a classic James Bond poster, all you really need is 007 in a sharp suit, a gun, some crosshairs, and you could call it day. But this -- not your typical Bond poster -- puts Daniel Craig smack in the middle of the action.

Best and Worst Movie Posters …

Casa De Mi Padre Gael Garcia Bernal and Diego Luna in a Spanish Language Film starring Will Ferrell (I'm sold before I even see it)