Love those little paws

tiny kitten with perfect paws. I'm pretty sure my heart just exploded 27 Cat Pictures Because Life Is Literally Just Terrible

Friends! よし、食料は確保した。

Fur and feathers.

My Mum's cat & bird were like this. The bird recently had to be put down & now the cat mourns his little buddy.

love kisses

(KO) Kiss my tiny baby paw, Mama. Isn't my paw sweet and tiny? Kiss it, Mama!

Rochas Fall 2016 Ready-to-Wear Fashion Show Beauty

Rochas Fall 2016 Ready-to-Wear Fashion Show Beauty

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This should be my life. Not passed out on concrete, but relaxing in the sun…

未読21件 - Yahoo!メール

* * ORANGE: " Me be soes glad me founds yoo! Yoo wuz gone fer hours and nowz yer safely back." I wuv yoo.

カサっという音の方向には・・・ ピュアな瞳で堂々と悪事を働くニャンコに意気消沈

カサっという音の方向には・・・ ピュアな瞳で堂々と悪事を働くニャンコに意気消沈

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