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Is WabiSabi influencing the design of luxury products? Here are some WabiSabi-styled champagne flutes. They do look unpretentious, but yet seems to have character. But very likely it is the content.

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Small japanese dishes

Clever way to show a collection of plates, without actually putting them on a wall. I love the camera angle and pattern in which they're put down. Backdrop very interesting texture against the porcelain.

Wiener Dog Oil & Vinegar Set

You can find your dachshund oil and vinegar set here. You can find dachshund oil and vinegar sets here as well as other fine dachshund gifts.

Bunny Jars

DIY cute Easter bunny jar topper tutorial - i have lots of empty baby food jars i could use

The NOMADISMI Exhibit in Milan

The NOMADISMI Exhibit in Milan

Amba Molly, ATLAS The Nomadisimi exhibit at Altai gallery