Shovel-handled wooden bench - very creative! always open to a bit of creativity!

Curvy Bench

Shovel-handled wooden bench for the garden - very creative! And, oh so quirky.


“Sirius Knight” “Arcturus” “Perseus” by Jose C. deBraga (from: Art and Design in Custom Fixed-Blade Knives;

Antique Rotating Hardware Cabinet 130 Drawer by ProsserBrosVtg

Antique Rotating Hardware Cabinet 130 Drawer Solid Oak Handmade Country Store Apothecary Cabinet Display Card Catalog (A girl can dream, right?

Canoe Wedding Inspiration | Intimate Weddings - Small Wedding Blog - DIY Wedding Ideas for Small and Intimate Weddings - Real Small Weddings

Love the idea of having an old row boat to use as an ice cooler for parties.if I only had an old row boat ;

Paris Photographs, World Fair Exhibition, 1900. Posters, pictures and photos.

Paris Antique Photography

etherstragic: Looking through Eiffel Tower to the Trocadero and Colonial Section, Paris Exposition Universelle 1900

The Ultimate Parisian Guide To Paris

Père Lachaise Cemetery Reasons why you should go : It's pretty. It's where Oscar Wilde, Jim Morrison, Proust, and Molière are buried. Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes once walked there.

切り絵 【玄佑-13】

切り絵 【玄佑-13】

切り絵 【玄佑-12】

切り絵 【玄佑-12】