Seventeen debut

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A Strange Love

Onde JiHoon aceita cuidar do melhor amigo do seu irmão e acaba tendo momentos de puro ódio, amor e prazer

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SEVENTEEN Billboard! ˚* ❀ on Twitter

“MGMA Voting 🗳 GOALS: 🔂 - 200 💬 -1,000 include @pledis_17jp #SEVENTEEN #MGMAVOTE”

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Memes memes memes...🌚🌝💗 13 memes por capítulo, más especiales. No son de mi autoría créditos a sus respectivos creadores

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Your Assassin Girl PT1 || STRAY KIDS + ATEEZ + NCT + GOT7 Mafia

+ a lot of ATEEZ, NCT & GOT7 ✅completed At first her new start seems fated to be what she was actually born to do. The back streets of Seoul raised her, her beloved grandfather and always drunk mother. She never thought that she actually gained enough skills to join that kind of community, but didn't think twice. It was dangerous but soon after her life changed, bringing new freedoms, friendship, and above all, the joys and confusion of love. Top ranking: ⭐43 - Felix

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seventeen data archive

191018 | KBEE 2019 fansign event © Rosy dawn // don’t edit. [01, 02]

doing a nasty face in public is easy af cause i know ppl wont gaf about what im doing and its fucking enjoyable. fuck u bitch Diecisiete Memes, K Meme, Funny Kpop Memes, Seventeen Memes, Hoshi Seventeen, Seventeen Debut, Woozi, Wonwoo, Jeonghan


Hanya berisi bacotan-bacotan member SVT di grup chat mereka :v ⚠!!!⚠ - Bahasa non baku - Gaje - Authornya ngangenin :v

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Cerita ini adalah penggalan kehidupan dari tiga belas jiwa yang bekerja di rumah sakit jiwa. Kalian akan menemukan eratnya persahabatan, pengabdian terhadap sesama, hingga tujuan-tujuan kenapa mereka harus terlahir ke dunia. • All 13 members of Seventeen are here • Story in Bahasa

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• Memes Kpop ≧ω≦ ♡ • [ finalizado ]

"Pessoas normais dizem que asiáticos tem p** pequeno, Logo eu, Omegle coreano 4:00 da manhã".

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jun ¹²⁷ ⇆ @ caratland on Twitter

“seventeen wallpaper 🌻 @pledis_17 #seventeen #SEVENTEEN_LeftnRight”

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