Tokyo travel - visual poster

Tokyo is a Symbol of civilization of Japan. The creative concept of the poster is based on Tokyo travel guide. The font design integrates with the colors of red and white, which represent Japanese flag. The structure type reflects complex tra…


Model Cutout / Ctreative / Font Teikyo University - Tokyo Girls' Festival 2014 - the different wing's represents the different faculties on campus.


This is just so ridiculous and funny to me! I love how the person is carrying bread far too big for anyone that size to be carrying, and the cat jumping off at the top!

Japan Series Kagoshima / Eat Drink and Be Merry

Absolutely one of the best Kagoshima travel log in English. The photography here is mesmerizing! Grateful for such loving post of our beloved hometown.


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Moss by Dolbsha

this is the first real green to actually grow after the winter here in Minnesota just simple moss but it is a step towards summer.

カネを活かす記事一覧 | 小さな組織の未来学

カネを活かす記事一覧 | 小さな組織の未来学